Saturday, 1 February 2014

Steam Random Language Chage | Fix with Pictures!!!

So today I opened up steam, after quite many days. And I found the Steam to be in Russian!!! What in the blue hell is this about?

So I had to crawl my way to change language, its like walking in a mine field lol. So I thought I willjust capture few screenshots and put a post up. Because if anybody needs pictures to see where to click (because I needed pics and didn't get any in internet) :-(

So here it is.

Step 1:
This is how my Steam is, its Russian I believe

Step 2:
Click on Steam menu, and click the second from last thing. Whatever it looks like, click it.

Step 3:
Hopefully you should see a menu box now. Click the second below Family. It should contain something like below.

Step 4:
The topmost spinner (dropdown list) is language! Click on it and find your language.

Step 6:
It will present a dialog box as below. It is to restart steam. Don't panic, click the first option.

Step 7:
Viola! You've done it. Happy gaming!!

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