Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Error code 911 | Dumb Ways To Die

Recently, several users started to get this weird error code on PlayStore (I am one of them).

"Unknown error during application install. Code:919"

This is really frustrating when you are on a mobile 3G network, which incurs data charges to download a 35 MB file and it doesn't install! You have no choice but to re-download the 35MB and try again only to find out that it won't install!

This apprently is unknown and no known solution has been found yet, atleast not one that I know of. This error occured to me when I was trying to install Dumb Ways to Die.

If you haven't heard of this game, then watch this video to know more. -> Here (video by touchplaythrough)

Great game. So how did I fix this? I had to install it from a standalone APK and not from playstore. I am not encouraging the usage of APKs from the standalone methods or am against PlayStore, but when there is an error like this and there is no fix, plus the game is free, it harms no one.

Download APK here -> Here

There is a really cool video you will unlock in the game, the video is over here. You can watch while you download.  -> Here

Be Safe around Trains and also everywhere else! Don't die in a dumb way.

Disclaimer: The apk provided is not hosted by me or anyone I know. It is completely by a third party link which was found using a search engine. 

Note: If anybody comes to know of a proper solution to this error code or if it has been fixed by PlayStore / Metro then do let me know, so that I can take this post down.


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