Friday, 31 January 2014

Telegram : Android App | Is it a Trojan Horse?

Here is the message that I received the other day


VERY URGENT!!! PLEASE CIRCULATE to your friends, family and contacts.

TELEGRAM is not any messengering app. Its a TROJAN HORSE virus generating platform for Hackers based in New Zealand and Thane Kabeer.... munafeqin are behind dis shameless henious act.
Pls. forward to others asap.

Issued in public interest by:
Instant Rajodi
Shots & Arrow Ltd.


Trojan Horse virus is not a malicious keystroke logger, all it can do is provide remote control or delete your data. Nothing more. It cannot TRANSFER stuff on its own, having said that, it certainly is of no use to help anybody gain anything. This message is a hoax just like it was with BitStrips App (NSA spy app bla bla), this is the Indian version of it. Just a few Whatsapp fan boys are scared of its introduction, maybe some loners who live on Whatsapp, they started this message, its clean as shit from the grammar or the word choice there in.

What on earth is messengering? How does a Trojan horse generate a platform for Hackers? What are Kiwis going to do with some curry munchers' data being deleted? Thane Kabeer, LMFAO. That is even more funnier.

They libel anybody for the sake of showing themselves superior. What or what is Instant Rajodi? Is there a firm Shots & Arrow Ltd? In USA?

For the record, gives details that the Telegram is based in USA. Arizone in fact to be precise and to be more certain, its in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The fan boys who started this are afraid because Telegram is not like Whatsapp or other commercial Messengers, it infact is 100% free and there are no ads to compensate this feature as well. In addition, they give Source Codes of their software, which makes it GNU licensed product, it is Open Source and Open Source softwares cannot be held for viruses, because it is a contribution of several developers.

Not everybody follows technologies or what is going around, but simple concept of common sense can tackle any issue. Ask yourself this,

1. Was Telegram able to get past Google Play screening to make it into PlayStore? If so they fooled the elite team of Google Android WhiteHat Hackers.
2. Was Telegram able to get past Apple screening to make it into iTunes Store? If so they also foold the elite team of Apple WhiteHat Hackers.
3. Why do they give their source code away if they are indeed deleting people's data?

Just do a fact verification before clinging onto and/or forwarding something. People are just so gullible. Which is why people always start such chain messages which are totally absurd.

It is even sickening to think people would so easily scrap off someone's work. Being a programmer, I know the time and effort it takes to make an app, and the immense courage and heart it takes to give the source of it.


  1. Don't even know what telegram is but im fucking pissing myself at the bit "What are Kiwis going to do with some curry munchers' data being deleted?" :P

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