Tuesday, 22 October 2013

L.A.Noire stuck at the neon screen | How to get past it

So I bought L.A.Noire recently, it is a good game. But like Max Payne 3, this also had the problem at the loading screen. That is, the initial screen. This is because L.A.Noire has a mandatory patch that is required to be installed, this mandatory patch (at the time the game came out) was smaller (65 MB) but now it has added upto more than 176 MB. 

The problems you may encounter at this neon screen (L.A.Noire Lighting) are,

1. Only the Lighting screen shows up and nothing follows up.
2. Update cannot be downloaded
3. Update downloads 100% but getting Binary file error

Solutions below,

1. Only Lighting screen shows up and nothing follows up

This is not a common problem, you may not get a possible fix for this searching anywhere on the internet. If nothing follows up on the screen then it is because your Rockstar Games Social Club (RGSC) is not working like it should be!

Here is what you should try,

1. Turn off ANY AntiVirus or Firewall program.
2. If you have a slow connection please close Steam, Origin and Skype (If you have them).
3. Try launching the game as administrator.

If that doesn't work, then,

1. Remove/Uninstall Rockstar Social Gaming Network completely from ControlPanel > Add or Remove .Programs.
2. Reinstall RGSC from your L.A.Noire Disc.
3. Reboot your system and launch the game again from L.A.Noire Launcher (LANLauncher.exe) as administrator.

2. Update cannot be downloaded / 3. Update downloaded 100% but getting Binary File Error

This is the most common problem that has been occuring for L.A.Noire players. This is because of the poor porting of the game, just like Rockstar did with GTA IV, however, this is not as bad as GTA IV. The fixes for this may seem a little weird but, don't worry, they work.

Fix 1:

Did you get a retail Disc of the game and install it with language "English (United Kingdom)"?
This has caused problems for retail issues of the game, try completely removing the game and reinstalling with "English (United States)". 

But I suggest you try out the solutions below and if they don't work then reinstall the entire game.

Fix 2:

You can download the updates manually and them apply them to your game. There are two update packages available as of right now, the first one was smaller (65 mb) and the second one is bigger (176 mb). So you may have to make your choice that which one are you going with.

>> Update 1 << (~65 MB)
>> Update 2 << (~176 MB)

Download the above update (any one) and do this.

Once downloaded you will have either the Patch_2382_02393_1.exe or Patch_2382_02671_0_0.exe depending on your download. Install this by double clicking on the file. (Remember to close your game before running the patch!)

Once the installation is done, you will have to download another 15MB file. This download can be initiated by running "LANLauncher.exe" after applying the patch. Once this has been done the game will load up normally!

Enjoy this super cool game.


  1. hi bro wil this work on windows 8 laptop

  2. game stays at neon screen on my laptop and I had also had problem with windows 8 with the games

  3. Hi this 176 Mb updata is lan patch or mandatory patch?

    1. If you are going to play through the launcher then it is mandatory. If you have a pirated version then I dont think that this may be required.

      The patch was mainly released for Windows 8 compatibility.


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