Sunday, 13 October 2013

Direct Download Link for Google Drive | How to hotlink files from GoogleDrive

Ever wanted to have direct download links to the files you have in Google Drive? Definitely you would have experienced it, if you have a Google Drive account.

Its simple, just follow the steps below.

1. Go to your drive i.e.,

2. Now, right click on your file (the file you want download link for) and go to Share and again Share in the pop-up.

3. This should get you to a new dialog box, which is as below, select Change under "Who has access"

4. Select "Public on the web", if you want everybody to be able to download that is. Now click Save.

5. Now, you should be on the previous dialog box, copy the link from "Link to share"

6. Download my application here (GoogleDrive Download Link Maker) and paste the link you just copied into the "Your GoogleDrive Link" and hit "Get Download Link".

7. That is it! Spread your link wherever you want.

Note: About my application:

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