Sunday, 29 September 2013

VIRUS hides all your folders on Flash drive? | Solution to unhide them

Ever had this problem? You lend your flashdrive / pendrive to your friend and he/she sticks it into random PC and gives it back to you. Only for you to find it infested with virus and you are forced to format the drive. Well, antiviruses can clear any virus present in the flashdrive. But recovering the hidden folder is another matter.

So then, here's how you do it.

How to:

1. Automatically unhide
2. Manually unhide

1. Automatically unhide

Download this -->  Oratos v1.6.3

This is a software by me for XARISTech, it will retrieve your folders on your flashdrive and also show you any other VIRUS folder lurking in your drive so that you can delete it manually.

2. Manually unhide

There is no way my application would get a false positive on any Anti Virus, but still to be precautionary, I decided to give away what my application does.

a) Open up command prompt.

To do this, open Run (by pressing Windows Key + R) and type in "cmd" (without quotes)

b) now type exactly the following

attrib -r -h -s /d /s X:\*.*

where X is your drive, replace it with the drive letter

-r  Removes the readonly checkbox of the object in property
-h  Removes the hidden checkbox of the object in property
-s  Removes the system file/folder checkbox of the object in property
/d  To mention that you want it to work on directories too and not just files
/s   Forces it to apply attributes to the subdirectories too

That is it, you should now see the folder(s).

Note: Usually VIRUS hides your data into a hidden system folder on the drive named " ". Yes, exactly that name. It is an Alt-Code for space. Hold down ALT and type 0160 on number pad. It'll give you that character.


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