Sunday, 29 September 2013

PCSX2: How to speed up game | Increase frame-rate in PS2 Emulator

So, I got plenty of emails requesting how to improve frame-rate on PCSX2. There is no 'the solution' for this, because the issue isn't Graphics Card technically, it depends on your processor and RAM. So it will vary from PC to PC. However, I felt I could contribute something to the community by giving my settings, which could possibly speed up your game a little or maybe 'a lot' like it did for me.

If it doesn't work, I apologize.

Here it goes,

First of all, open up PCSX2 and go to Config -> Plugin/BIOS Selector

This is the first phase, because you have to get the right Display/Audio Plugins to get the settings like mine.

BIOS doesn't matter, it can be whatever you want. But the plugins must be like what I have,

If you don't have any of the plugins above, the Google the exact name and you'll get it. Incase you don't find it, contact me.

Now that we have the Plugins setup correctly, now lets tweak the settings.

For this second phase, you have to go to Config -> Emulation Settings

Be careful not to mess too much with it (without knowing what you are doing) because, trust me, you may not even be able to play game unless you reinstall PCSX, so be careful.

First click on EE/IOP and do the following,

EmotionEngine   -  Recompiler
IOP   -  Recompiler
EE/FPU Advanced Recompiler Options 
in Round Mode set Chop/Zero
in Clamping Mode set None

Next click on VUs

Set VU0 as microVU Recompiler
Set VU1 as microVU Recompiler

VU0/VU1 Advanced Recompiler Options 
in Round Mode set Chop/Zero
in Clamping Mode set Normal

Now onto GS


Uncheck Disable Framelimiting
Base Framerate Adjust as 100%
Slow Motion Adjust as 50%
Turbo Adjust as 200%

Frame Skipping
Check Disabled (default)

Frames to Draw as 1
Frames to Skip as 4

Uncheck Use synchronized MTGS
Uncheck Disable all GS Output

Now go to GS Window

Aspect Ratio as Widscreen (16:9) - Your choice
Custom Window Size as 640 x 480
Zoom as 100%
Your choice - Disable window resize border
Your choice - Always hide mouse cursor
Your choice - Hide window when paused

Your choice - Default to fullscreen mode on open
Your choice - Double-click toggles fullscreen mode

Uncheck - Wait for V-Sync on refresh  (Checking it did not affect much, I only lost 2 frames so I have it checked, you can uncheck it if you want to. Vsynce does take up memory on slower machines.)
Uncheck - Dynamically toggle Vsync depending on frame rate (read tooltip!) (If your machine is weak and you opt to have Wait for V-Sync on refresh then Check this)

Now for Speedhacks

Check Enable Speedhacks (duh!)

EE Cyclerate [Not Recommended] as 1 - Eats up your processor
VU Cycle Stealing [Not Recommended] as 0 - Eats up your RAM

Other Hacks
Check Enalbe INTC Spin Detection
Check Enable Wait Loop Detection
Uncheck Enable Fast CD/DVD

microVU Hacks

Check mVU Flag Hack
Uncheck MTVU

Now for the final part of Game Fixes

As you can see uncheck Enable manual game fixes. (Caused lagging in SVR2012)

Now go to Config -> Video (GS) -> Plugin Settings... 

Set it as follows,

That is it, this worked wonders for me. Try it and let me know in comments. Hope it helped (atleast a little).


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  2. It worked! Now I can get into some of those games I couldn't ever play because of FPS problems.

    Thank you, mate.

  3. nope didnt work playing sakura wars, lags pretty bad :/

  4. Thanks bro.Really solved my problem.

  5. hey it actually worked pretty good, its just a little shaky, any tips?

  6. Improved FPS by an acceptable margin...Cheers!!!

  7. Please provide a folder of the drivers. I cant find any of them online

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  8. Still lagging pretty bad on certain games is there anything else that could help fix game skipping/lagging?

  9. In Emulation Settings page,check MTVU if you have an 4-core processor,you gain more than 20% in fps!
    Overclock your processor,with 20% overclocking gou get 20% more fps!

  10. thanxx bro it's working
    keep it up

  11. Is there a download link for those plugins at the beginning? I've been looking for a couple hours and have found jack all.

  12. link for your folder please :)

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  15. Unfortunately this setup did an opposite effect, game's barely playable :( Checked on Persona4 which worked perfectly on basic settings, and Shadow of Colossus, which had some fps issues.

  16. no it is no worked the fps goes to 9

  17. I am playing kingdomw hearts and the framerate is around 40-50 at the island at the beginning

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  19. please give me pad configuration for windows...i have not used i don't know about controllers workings...anyone give me plzzz

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