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GTA 4 | Freezes, Bugs, Loading Time, Frame Rate - Solutions

GTA 4 is the game that succeeded GTA:SA on PC. It has been very poorly ported to PC from Playstation and Xbox consoles.

The game is riddled with bugs and crashes for unknown reasons, few of which I have experienced have been solved below, I'll update them as I find bugs in it.

1. The Game Start

Do you get to see the Copyright and Legal Material, the Rockstar Logos and then get stuck afterwards?

Solution: Install the Rockstar Game Social Club from GTA 4 DVD (a redistributable package), that should fix it.

2. Forever Loading Screen

This was the first major problem that I noticed in the game. The game started, I got the main menu, I gave "Start" and then what did I get?

I got just Character Images circling in a loop with a background music! This went on forever, I tried waiting for a maximum of 2 hours, to no avail, I found the game wasn't simply loading.

I Alt-Tabbed out of the game and went to Task Manager to find that the GTA IV.exe was using just 6% of the entire CPU processing, which means, it wasn't loading at all!

Here's how I fixed it,



        ✓   Latest Drivers for your Graphics Card
           Installed Directx 9.0c and RGSC (Rockstar Gaming Social Club)

Now, go to GTA 4 installation directory and create a shortcut to GTAIV.exe on desktop.

Now, right-click it, go to properties and go to Shortcut Tab. Here in Target Field, append the following commands,

-novblank and -novsync

So it should be like,

"X:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto 4\GTAIV.exe" -novblank -novsync

This turns off the Vertical Sync for the Game completely, this is weird, but it did fix GTA 4 forever loading screens for me and my friends! :)

However, there could be times when the Characters would go through 1 loop, it takes about 1-2 minutes to load at times irrespective of your computer specs, it shouldn't be, but it does, good job Rockstar.

PS: If you are having trouble appending the above to the shortcut, then try the following,

Create a txt file inside the GTA IV main folder (where the GTAIV.exe is), and name it as commandline.txt.

Type only those parameters into this txt and save it. It does the same operation as that of appending the parameters in the Shortcut.

Download CommandLine.txt  <- Put it into GTA 4 Directory (where GTAIV.exe is) and rename as Commandline

3. The FPS is too LOW!!!!

This is the second issue I had after having got the game to load up properly, the Frame Rate was 9 to 15 fps, which is absolutely terrible to play at!

The game files are terribly ported to PC, they are broken into several fragments (as far as I understand), which makes it difficult for your RAM to load up those temporary files and process them, hence the Lag.

Here's how I fixed it,


Download Contig.exe ( Here or Google is your friend )

Extract the Archive (usually .zip file, with WinRAR or 7zip )

Now move the executable (Contig.exe) to GTA IV folder (where the GTAIV.exe is).

Now create a shortcut of the Contig.exe on Desktop

Go to desktop, and go to properties of the Shortcut of Contig.exe, here add the following parameters to it,

-s *.* -v

If it gives you errors, go with just,

-s *.*

Now, click Apply and OK.

Run the file Contig.exe from Desktop, it should take 3-15 minutes depending on your PC.

Once it is done, you can play the game at a much better Frame Rate.

Other In-Game tweaks,

Get into game and then hit Escape Key, now do the following,

Under Graphics,

Reduce Resolution to 800x600
Move all sliders towards Left
Keep Shadow slider at 0
Reduce the Distant Details and View Distance to considerable amount (say 20 - 30 )

And under Game tab turn off Clip Capture

This will boost your performance greatly. :)

Still not satisfied? Try this!

Quit the game if you are in it. Then go to GTAIV folder and create "commandline.txt" file and enter the following in it,

-availablevidmem 5 
-percentvidmem 100 

DX9/high ⇒ Forces DirectX 9 mode on Windows 7

novblank & novsync  Disable Vertical Sync

norestrictions  Removes processor usage restrictions

availablevidmem 5  Tricks the game into thinking that the Video Memory available is very less, hence load low resolution textures. You can use values from 2-5 in my opinion

percentvidmem 100  Amount of video memory that can be used is set to 100%. Basically the game think you have less Video Memory and loads low resolution textures then utilizes your entire video memory to process those low resolution files, hence the boosted performance

nomemrestrict  Restrictions of RAM and Processor use are lifted.

That's it, now you should surely experience good frame rate!

Download CommandLine.txt  <- Put it into GTA 4 Directory (where GTAIV.exe is) and rename as Commandline

If you still don't, there is still one more parameter,

-height 240
-width 320

height240, width320  Forces a resolution of 320x240 (Not recommended)

The game is playable but the graphics will be TERRIBLE!

Download CommandLine.txt  <- Put it into GTA 4 Directory (where GTAIV.exe is) and rename as Commandline

I Don't Care About Graphics! SPEED UP PLEASE!!!!

This is for you then! :)

-renderquality 0
-shadowdensity 0
-texturequality 0
-viewdistance 0
-detailquality 0
-width 320
-height 240
-availablevidmem 2
-percentvidmem 100
-renderquality 0
-frameLimit 0

The graphics will be absolutely horrendous, minecraft looks better than that. :)

Download CommandLine.txt  <- Put it into GTA 4 Directory (where GTAIV.exe is) and rename as Commandline

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