Saturday, 29 December 2012

Samsung Recorded Sound Format (.3GA) - Solution for Conversion

So I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note few months back, it had very good Photo Quality, and outstanding Video quality. So out of curiosity  I couldn't resist myself from recording a chit-chat with friends (using Sound recorder).

When I got home, I was ecstatic to get it online and share it with the world, and boy oh boy, was I disappointed? You bet. I found the recorded audio is a very weird Format. It was ".3ga", I knew that it was a mobile audio format (similar to .3GP for videos), so I set out surfing to find a "freeware" to convert it to mp3, but my search culminated at no end point, I was absolutely frustrated. Tried few "Any format to MP3" converters  they didn't help much as well.

So I was on my own, and the fix that I stumbled on was pretty funny (clumsy too!). Its the easiest, believe me.

Convert .3GA to .MP3

First of all transfer to .3ga audio file (recorded file) to your PC.

Make sure you have not associated ".3GA" with any other player/converter in the haste of trying to getting it fixed.

If you have associated it, there is still a work around for it. If you have no idea what this "association" talk is about, then here is what you do, If you haven't associated it, then skip "Work around for associated Files" and move to next section.

Check what your File looks like, if it looks like a Blank White Paper icon, then you are fine to proceed. If the icon of the recorded file is like the rest of the audio on the system (MP3, WMA, OGG etc) but wont play in the player, then you have associated it.

Work Around for Associated Files:

If you are on Windows 7, go to My Computer (Explorer would be enough though).

Click on Organize at Top Left Corner (below the Address Bar)

Select Folder and Search Options

Now in the Dialog Box, select "View" tab and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types"

Click Apply & OK.

Now you can convert the recorded file to MP3 with ease.

Conversion of .3GA to MP3

Browse to your recorded file on PC

Now Right Click on File -> Rename, and while renaming make sure you replace .3GA with .MP3

 When you finish naming it, it'll throw up a Dialog Box as follows,

Select "Yes" and that's it, you're done. The icon should now Change to something like other MP3 files.

Now you can play it just like any other MP3 File, in ANY device!!

Thanks for your patience! Do check back for updates and contact me for your queries!! :)


  1. thanks man :D :D :D i did an important recording and i couldnt hear it ;) Thanks a lot !!! !

  2. I recommend iDealshare VideoGo which can fast and batch convert 3GA to WAV, M4A, WMA, AC3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, AIFF, RA, AU, DTS, MP2, APE and etc.

    It even supports to trim or split 3GA audio, merge several 3GA files into one, increase 3GA audio volume, batch convert 3GA files and etc.

    It has both Windows version and Mac version.

    Step by step guide at


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