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Medal of Honour: Warfighter | Bugs and Fixes

A brilliant FPS game! That's how I wish to start this post.

I recently bought this game, I was not sure if it was worth buying it, after all those reviews I read from CoD and BF fans. But, I still gave it a shot, and boy, was I impressed? The fact that this game is based on "real events" makes it more fascinating! The names of the characters have been fiddled with inorder to avoid any uproar, good build up in the game, the story is quite linear, still it forces the player to live through exact (nearly) circumstances as the soldiers did.

And this isn't a very 'Soldier is Everything' game, but shows the downside of the War over the Soldier's Family (Preacher). Shows how close it comes to break his marriage. Good game over all!

But, the sad part is that this game is filled with so many bugs! Let me list them out,

  1. Breach-and-Clear bug
  2. Audio out of sync
  3. Finding Faraz Mission Bug

Let me get through it one by one,

1. Breach and Clear bug

This bug is weird, because it has nothing to do with Graphic Cards, your processor or anything else!

In MoH: Warfighter, you have to get Head shots in Breaching to unlock different types of Breach Maneuvers. If you get Head shots at all, the game freezes after the Breach is over. If you kill everyone with body shots, the game will flow just as normal! How weird.

Fix: The solution was to install the Day-One patch for MoH: Warfighter. I couldn't get the Day One patch to install properly, it gave me a lot of trouble, so here is what I did.

Searched for a "Pre-installed" Torrent Update, and I came up with this, "Medal of Honor Warfighter UPDATE-FLT". FLT stands for FairLight, I believe, a repack group.

The torrent for this was available at, 

Please note that this is just the Update to MoH:WF and not the entire game! Piracy shall not be endorsed, but having bought the game and being unable to enjoy it, I was forced to use it to get over the bugs!

Download those files, and replace them in your Game directory, you should be good to go!

2. Audio out of sync

This was the second major issue that I faced, the audio was terrible, the echo effects were treacherous. I was utterly disappointed, so I again set out trying to find a remedy, I came up with this certain file, a file built on CCleaner Source, it fiddles with few registry keys and the audio gets fixed! :)

Fix  <--- Download it!

All you have to do is, run the Fix file, it'll automatically set itself on Start-Up, if you have a good Antivirus, then it'd block it from registering itself for automatic launch at start-up, if that is the case then you have to run if everytime before starting Medal of Honor: Warfigher! That should fix the audio up!

3. Finding Faraz

This was the third bug that I had to endure while playing this game, it was at a mission close to the end, where in the end of the mission, while breaching and entering a door the game freezes! I googled and found a fix for this, it was to get the save file and then proceed onto the next mission. The door breach is the final playable part of the mission anyway!

Fix: The save file can be found here -> Here

The mini tutorial on how to place the Save files was posted by a user on EA Forums, I've included it in here for your convenience,

Posted by 

11-09-2012 08:42 AM

This is how I solved the problem.

 1. Got a saved file from here (files are clean).

 2. Wrote down my game graphic settings for reference. NOTE: the internet saved files are set at ULTIMATE graphics settings which may not be correct for your machine. Make sure you reset them to your machine otherwise they will not work correctly.  

3. Replaced my saved files with the ones I downloaded (saved mine first somewhere else just in case). My PC runs Win 7 and my files were in           

4. There are 4 files
           :   meta.xml   

5. If you save your game in the Cloud, you will get a message from Origin telling you they are out of sync and will ask you to choose wich ones to use. Select the PC files.

But, since I didn't want to miss out of the cutscene, I stayed with trying something out, I quit the game after the checkpoint before the final stage (breach) and then ran "Medal of Honor Warfighter bug fixer" then started the game, lowered the graphics a bit, then proceed to the breach, it worked! I was able to get to the cutscenes and all those stuff!

Not sure, if it was my luck or if it really works, give it a go though, you wouldn't want to miss those cutscenes! :)

That's it! Those were the problems that I had, and the ways of how I dealt with them!

Edit: A friend of mine had a black screen issue, at the end of Hotpursuit mission, the "Bug Fixer" (this) used for Audio Sync fixed it up for him, weird? Yes, it is weird to me.


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