Sunday, 30 December 2012

Max Payne 3 - BlackBox Repack Password

I was surprised to wake up and find an email regarding the password to extract a Black-Box Repack of Max Payne 3. How would I know it? But however, I went on a chit-chat with the person who sent the mail and I found out that the Repack that he downloaded had no password to extract the files, it was as heavy as ~10GB, so having a little pitty over him, I said him to link me to the first part of it, if it was multi-archive file. He did so, and yes, it was a Black-Box repack, how do I know? The name of the RAR file was a give away.

Long story short; the password is

How I found out:

Anyway, I proceeded on to see what the password would be, the common guesses were made

None of these worked, so I was a bit puzzled, but the solution came up very easily.

The name of the archive was 2-BB-MP3.part01.rar, where BB was Black Box and MP3 for Max Payne 3. So I set out on Google to find where this had been hosted, I couldn't narrow it down to anywhere, so I was held up without knowing any leads. Then I was just exploring the archive file, BINGO! I just hit jackpot, it was in description the source of it, which was another site.

So I Googled up for the password, using the archive name and the site: parameter in Google, I just found out the password, it is,

The seeker was indeed happy to know the password, because he had earlier tried at some other misleading "sources". :)

Note: This does not endorse PIRACY by any means, I just shared my experience, if you really enjoy any game, then you should BUY it. Support the companies that put in the effort!! :)


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