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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Mass Effect 2 | PhysX issue Fix

You might run into one of the following errors when you are trying to launch Mass Effect 2.

  • Failed to initialize the physics system.
  • Please ensure you have an updated version of the PhysX System Software installed.
  • Failed to initialize the physics system. Please ensure you have an updated version of the PhysX System Software installed.

If you don't have PhysX, then install it! 

If you do have PhysX and some other game which uses this runs just fine then the following fix will work for you. First make sure that you have PhysX installed, to do this click on Start Menu and then type "Programs and Features", scroll down and see if PhysX is present there. If it is, then it means you have PhysX installed, if it isn't there then you have to install it.


If you have PhysX listed in it then do the following to fix the issue with ME2.

Step 1: 
Go to Control Panel (open up Start Menu, type in 'Control Panel' and click on the one that pops up)

Step 2:
Go into Programs in the control panel (you can also reach this directly from start menu by typing "Programs and Features" in the start menu)

Step 3:
If you clicked on 'Programs' then click on 'Programs and Features'

Step 4:
Scroll down, find PhysX and then right click on it. In the context menu, select 'Repair'.

Step 5:
Reboot your machine and it all should be fixed.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

TMNT : Out Of The Shadows - Lagging/Stuttering Fix | How to speed it up?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Out Of The Shadows is a game title released by Activision.

This game is a perfect example of yet another horrible port. It has been poorly optimized to run on PC as well, and above all the number of settings/option available to tweak Video Settings is appalling.

To get this game tweaked to run on any PC one will have to fiddle with the config files directly. This is how you can tweak the video settings.

           <Path To Install Directory>\Engine\Config

The default path, predominantly, should be-
           C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\<TMNT OoTS>\Engine\Config

*** Always remember to back-up your files before touching them, especially the config files. ***

Once you are at this location, look for a file named 'BaseSystemSettings.ini'. Open this file with any text editor.

Following are the contents that can be tweaked to optimize the game running on your PC.

StaticDecals=True/False                               -- Setting this to False will make game look ugly, but will be much faster
DynamicDecals=True/False                              -- Setting this to False will make game look 2005-ish, but will optimize gameplay
UnbatchedDecals=True/False                            -- Doesn't really make much difference, Suggestion - leave it True
DynamicLights=True/False                              -- False will boost game speed to great extent, but will be unplayable, as character would be in dark.
DynamicShadows=True/False                             -- No cool looking graphic effects on shadows, but will optimize gameplay
LightEnvironmentShadows=True/False                    -- No cool looking graphic effects on shadows of env objs, but will optimize gameplay
CompositeDynamicLights=True/False                     -- Set this to True if you are setting DynamicLights as False, or game will be utterly unplayable.
MotionBlur=True/False                                 -- Motion Blur would be turned on/off.
MotionBlurPause=True/False                            -- Motion Blur during pause screen would be turned on/off.
MotionBlurSkinning=[0-9]                              -- Texture skinning when Motion blur is on. Wouldn't matter if Motion Blur is False.
DepthOfField=True/False                               -- Film effect, Set it to False if are low on RAM/VRAM.
AmbientOcclusion=True/False                           -- Another graphic effect stuff, does not affect anything other than visual effect. Set it to False.
Bloom=True/False                                      -- Another graphic effect stuff, does not affect anything other than visual effect. Set it to False.
SpeedTreeLeaves=True/False                            -- Just visual effect thing. Set it to False.
SpeedTreeFronds=True/False                            -- Just visual effect thing. Set it to False.
OnlyStreamInTextures=True/False                       -- Game loads slower in game-time (run-time), but helps game free up RAM for other events.
LensFlares=True/False                                 -- Just visual effect thing. Set it to False.
FogVolumes=True/False                                 -- Turn if off, if you are not meeting the recommended Processor requirement.
UseVsync=True/False                                   -- V-Sync, if you turn this off game will be faster, but textures might tear-off.
Fullscreen=True/False                                 -- Fullscreen - Yes/No
AllowOpenGL=True/False                                -- Enable OpenGL - Yes/No
AllowImageReflections=True/False                      -- Turn Reflection - On/Off. CPU intensive, Set it to False.
AllowImageReflectionShadowing=True/False              -- Turn Shadow Reflection - On/Off. CPU intensive, Set it to False.
bAllowHighQualityMaterials=True/False                 -- Graphic elements, similar to Texture quality (High/Low)
MaxFilterBlurSampleCount=2/4/8/16/32                  -- Blur sampling count, keep it to 2 for max performance.
DetailMode=0/1/2                                      -- Video Settings (Low/Medium/High) 
MaxDrawDistanceScale=0/1                              -- Looks like the values are just 0 and 1, didn't make any difference.
ShadowFilterQualityBias=0/1                           -- Looks like the values are just 0 and 1, didn't make any difference.
MaxAnisotropy=0/2/4/8/16                              -- Anisotropy Off/x2/x4/x8/x16, set 0 for max performance
bAllowD3D9MSAA=True/False                             -- DirectX 9 MSAA - On/Off, set False for max performance
bAllowTemporalAA=True/False                           -- Anti-Aliasing - On/Off, set False for max performance
MinShadowResolution=32/64/128/256                     -- Resolution of Shadow textures
MinPreShadowResolution=8/16/32/64/128                 -- Resolution of Shadow textures
MaxShadowResolution=1120                              -- Resolution of Shadow textures, no idea of valid values, try adjusting.
MaxWholeSceneDominantShadowResolution=1344            -- Value should be maximum width of your screen.
PreShadowFadeResolution=8/16/32/64/128                -- Shadow fade effects. Keep it to 8.
ResX=1280                                             -- Your Screen Width
ResY=720                                              -- Your Screen Height
ScreenPercentage=100.000000                           -- Percent of screen to cover

Below are the settings that I use,


Please note that these settings are the top part of the file. You will have to edit these settings in the file and then save it. Do not copy the contents from above and paste them in the file, edit them manually.

Note: Duplicate entries may cause your game to hang up on start and having just the above entries in the file may cause unwarranted consequences.

*** Always remember to back-up your files before touching them, especially the config files. ***

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Steam Giveaways | XARISTech

Yes, you read that right. 

We are giving away Steam games/Keys. 

The rules are simple, only one entry per person. If we detect foul play, all entries of that household will be rejected.

Use a legit account to enter the contest, do not make create fake accounts to have multiple entries.

The giveaways will be sponsored by any one or multiple of the following-

* A Facebook Page
* A YouTube channel
* A Website
* A Twitter account

How do you enter the contest?

If a Facebook Page is giving away game, then-
* Like our page "Steam Game Giveaways" page
* Like the page which is sponsoring the giveaway
* Drop an email to with your "Facebook" profile link. (for verification purpose)

If a YouTube Channel is giving away game, then-
* Like our page "Steam Game Giveaways" page
* Subscribe to the channel which is sponsoring the giveaway
* Drop an email to with your "YouTube" profile link or Username. (for verification purpose)

If a Website is giving away game, then-
* Like our page "Steam Game Giveaways" page
* Register and/or fill form depending on the giver's request
* Drop an email to with the email you used for registering, or the URL at which you filled the form. (for verification purpose)

If a Twitter account is giving away game, then-
* Like our page "Steam Game Giveaways" page
* Follow the giver's request
* Drop an email to with "Twitter" account link. (for verification purpose)

How will I know if I won?

The winner(s) will be announced on our Facebook Page. If you mention a name in your email to us, then we will use that name to publicly announce you as winner. Otherwise, we will use

Terms and Conditions

XARISTech reserves the right to nullify anyone's participation at any time of the contest. 
XARISTech has the final decision should any dispute arise. 
XARISTech may disqualify you of the contest should there be any suspicion of foul play.

Foul Play includes, but is not limited to-
* Fake Facebook profiles to "Like" pages.
* Fake YouTube accounts to "Subscribe" to channels.
* You were caught "unliking" or "unsubscribing" a Page/Channel after/during the contest.
* Same person with multiple accounts.

Report to if you find someone indulging in foul play, with complete details.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Error code 911 | Dumb Ways To Die

Recently, several users started to get this weird error code on PlayStore (I am one of them).

"Unknown error during application install. Code:919"

This is really frustrating when you are on a mobile 3G network, which incurs data charges to download a 35 MB file and it doesn't install! You have no choice but to re-download the 35MB and try again only to find out that it won't install!

This apprently is unknown and no known solution has been found yet, atleast not one that I know of. This error occured to me when I was trying to install Dumb Ways to Die.

If you haven't heard of this game, then watch this video to know more. -> Here (video by touchplaythrough)

Great game. So how did I fix this? I had to install it from a standalone APK and not from playstore. I am not encouraging the usage of APKs from the standalone methods or am against PlayStore, but when there is an error like this and there is no fix, plus the game is free, it harms no one.

Download APK here -> Here

There is a really cool video you will unlock in the game, the video is over here. You can watch while you download.  -> Here

Be Safe around Trains and also everywhere else! Don't die in a dumb way.

Disclaimer: The apk provided is not hosted by me or anyone I know. It is completely by a third party link which was found using a search engine. 

Note: If anybody comes to know of a proper solution to this error code or if it has been fixed by PlayStore / Metro then do let me know, so that I can take this post down.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Steam Random Language Chage | Fix with Pictures!!!

So today I opened up steam, after quite many days. And I found the Steam to be in Russian!!! What in the blue hell is this about?

So I had to crawl my way to change language, its like walking in a mine field lol. So I thought I willjust capture few screenshots and put a post up. Because if anybody needs pictures to see where to click (because I needed pics and didn't get any in internet) :-(

So here it is.

Step 1:
This is how my Steam is, its Russian I believe

Step 2:
Click on Steam menu, and click the second from last thing. Whatever it looks like, click it.

Step 3:
Hopefully you should see a menu box now. Click the second below Family. It should contain something like below.

Step 4:
The topmost spinner (dropdown list) is language! Click on it and find your language.

Step 6:
It will present a dialog box as below. It is to restart steam. Don't panic, click the first option.

Step 7:
Viola! You've done it. Happy gaming!!

Comments? Queries? Contact me!

Friday, 31 January 2014

Tomb Raider 1 on PC | Windows 7 Black Screen after Menu

Recently I met a friend who wanted to play Tomb Raider 1 on his PC. He said he was fortunate enough because he had his PS 1 disk of Tomb Raider with him, so he could just use a PS Emulator to achieve his goal.

Soon he came back only to tell me that he was unfortunate to have PS disc of the game. I asked why? And he says "There is this issue with the game, it renders a black screen after menu. It is the same for all." So I thought to myself, why not help this guy? Atleast I could try to. So this is what we did.

First we got his disc and made an ISO of it, then we mounted on MagicDisk, this way the PS1 emulator reads the Audio Tracks properly. This fixed the issue on my PC.

I am using ePSXe in this tutorial. --> HERE.
Get P.E.Op.S. CDR Driver 1.4 for ePSXe. --> HERE

Now start up ePSXe, assuming you have the rest of stuff setup (BIOS, Video, Audio drivers)

Go to Config -> CDROM and select the P.E.Op.S. CDR Driver 1.4.
Click on Configure.
Now you will see a box 'Select the CDROM letter'
Click on the spinner (drop down list) and select the letter of the virtual drive that you have created (with MagicDisc or Daemon or anything else).
Then check all three checkboxes below it.

You are good to go now. Go to Files -> Run from CD and you should be able to play the game!!!

Didn't work? Continue reading...

This worked as a feast for me. But when I got to friend's home and did the same, there was a new issue "WNSAPI32 not found", dang, it was just Microsoft being Microsoft again. So we had to find an alternative.

The alternative includes you downloading a 130 MB file and another 14 MB patch file. If you can download those files then keep reading...

There are several other methods, but those are pretty messy. This one is the simplest that I've been able to figure out. If you find a simpler one, let me know in comments. :)

First download this Tomb Raider 1 (1996) for PC -> HERE

Now download the Patch to fix it for modern Windows -> HERE

Once downloaded you will have a RAR file. Extract it with WinRAR or 7z or any other software. Now you will have an ISO file (Tomb Raider 1). Note the location of the file. In my case, it is,

D:\Downloads\Tomb_Raider_1\Tomb Raider 1.iso

Or alternatively you can choose to mount the ISO to a virtual drive. Eg: MagicDisc, Daemon Tools etc. If you are not familiar with it then note the Location of ISO.

Step 1:

Click on Next to begin.

Step 2:

Click on Next to continue.

Step 3:

Select the location to install game to.
Click on Next to begin.

Step 4:

Enter the location that you noted before (the place where ISO is) [If you prefer not to use Virtual Drive]
If you have mounted it to a Virtual Drive then click on Browse and select the Drive to which it is mounted (see Pic 2 below)
Click on Next to begin.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Step 5:

Check "Unfinished Business"
Choose "Full Installation" and click on Next.

Step 6:

Enter the location for startup directly [optional or leave it as such].

 Step 7:

Choose what you want in this and click Next.

Step 8:

Click Install

Step 9:

Hurray! Start from desktop shortcut (if you chose to have it) or browse to location and start game. :)

Comments or queries? Contact me.

Telegram : Android App | Is it a Trojan Horse?

Here is the message that I received the other day


VERY URGENT!!! PLEASE CIRCULATE to your friends, family and contacts.

TELEGRAM is not any messengering app. Its a TROJAN HORSE virus generating platform for Hackers based in New Zealand and Thane Kabeer.... munafeqin are behind dis shameless henious act.
Pls. forward to others asap.

Issued in public interest by:
Instant Rajodi
Shots & Arrow Ltd.


Trojan Horse virus is not a malicious keystroke logger, all it can do is provide remote control or delete your data. Nothing more. It cannot TRANSFER stuff on its own, having said that, it certainly is of no use to help anybody gain anything. This message is a hoax just like it was with BitStrips App (NSA spy app bla bla), this is the Indian version of it. Just a few Whatsapp fan boys are scared of its introduction, maybe some loners who live on Whatsapp, they started this message, its clean as shit from the grammar or the word choice there in.

What on earth is messengering? How does a Trojan horse generate a platform for Hackers? What are Kiwis going to do with some curry munchers' data being deleted? Thane Kabeer, LMFAO. That is even more funnier.

They libel anybody for the sake of showing themselves superior. What or what is Instant Rajodi? Is there a firm Shots & Arrow Ltd? In USA?

For the record, gives details that the Telegram is based in USA. Arizone in fact to be precise and to be more certain, its in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The fan boys who started this are afraid because Telegram is not like Whatsapp or other commercial Messengers, it infact is 100% free and there are no ads to compensate this feature as well. In addition, they give Source Codes of their software, which makes it GNU licensed product, it is Open Source and Open Source softwares cannot be held for viruses, because it is a contribution of several developers.

Not everybody follows technologies or what is going around, but simple concept of common sense can tackle any issue. Ask yourself this,

1. Was Telegram able to get past Google Play screening to make it into PlayStore? If so they fooled the elite team of Google Android WhiteHat Hackers.
2. Was Telegram able to get past Apple screening to make it into iTunes Store? If so they also foold the elite team of Apple WhiteHat Hackers.
3. Why do they give their source code away if they are indeed deleting people's data?

Just do a fact verification before clinging onto and/or forwarding something. People are just so gullible. Which is why people always start such chain messages which are totally absurd.

It is even sickening to think people would so easily scrap off someone's work. Being a programmer, I know the time and effort it takes to make an app, and the immense courage and heart it takes to give the source of it.